Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This is a gentle way of releasing ourselves from stuck emotions or patterns of behaviour/thought. By skilful focusing on the issues concerned and then guided tapping using one's own fingertips on specific parts of the head and upper body, it is possible to find release and freedom from fears and phobias and deep emotional wounds that limit us.

How I work with EFT

Depending on the situation we might decide to incorporate EFT into a normal counselling session, or it could be a standalone session. For example:

  • to deal with phobia surrounding visits to the dentist we may decide that a series of EFT sessions is appropriate
  • some people find themselves blocked around a particular emotion; using EFT can help release the blockage and identify other layers of feeling
  • during regular counselling painful memories may emerge that feel too difficult to talk about, EFT provides a means of releasing the charge around such difficult experiences so that they can then be processed and integrated
What can EFT be helpful for?
  •         Anxieties
  •         Fear of the dentist
  •         Fear of flying
  •         Old hurts where we feel "stuck"
  •         Reducing pain
  •         Reducing cravings
  •         Unravelling overwhelming feelings
  •         Moving on from trauma

The Benefits

Clients report a sense of liberation from using the Emotional Freedom Technique.  Its added benefit is that once the basic sequence of tapping is learnt it can be practiced any time to help support you.

My Training

AAMET Levels 1 & 2 Practitioner in EFT, the EFT School Worcester

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